//Kitchen Lighting Tips

Kitchen Lighting Tips


Kitchen can be one of the most complex areas to design. It is an important area whether you live in a big area like a mansion or a less spacious one like an apartment. With the use of the right lighting enhancements, you can maximize the entirety of your kitchen. Bellacor’s wide range of lighting fixtures will surely help you showcase your kitchen in a whole new light.

Pendant Lights

Ideally, to add light and visual interest, pendant lights are great in kitchens with high ceilings. To enhance ambient lighting, you can choose a pendant that throws light in all directions. You can also pick one with a shade that directs light down to create task lighting. Bellacor’s Millennium Lighting Vintage Gold 20-Inch Four-Light Pendant is perfect especially made for high ceilings. It has a vintage gold finish with 4-60 watt candelabra bulbs.

To create an open feel to your kitchen, you can install small pendants and make a decorative statement. Bellacor’s 251 First River Station Chrome 14-Inch One-Light Dome Pendant is a great choice. It measures 19 inches high x 14 inches wide with a chrome finish.

For more visual interest, you can hang several pendants at the same height, or stagger their heights;

Under-Cabinet Lights

Under-cabinet lights are now considered a must-have task lighting that enhances countertops with bright light. You can shop a variety of quality under-cabinet lighting products at Bellacor.

For task lighting, place lights in the front third of the cabinet. Then place lights in the back. to highlight a beautiful backsplash. One important trick is to hide the lights behind the edge of wall cabinets, so you only see light and not the fixture.

Here are some bulbs you can consider in under-cabinet lighting:

1. Halogen and xenon
2. Fluorescent fixtures
3. Strips of LED lights


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